..too simple for real words..

i cant guarantee that i'll have money for food or booze, new clothes to wear, or a place to stay, all i can do is live day by day with my napkin and crayon to write and my fox pillow fuego and make the best of on my ownsome. it's not those with the most that are happiest but those who make the best of what they have... -survival summer 2012

Zelda and Frankenstein commiserate. [depressedalien]


Zelda and Frankenstein commiserate. [depressedalien]



cats that have faces like this with the colors split down the middle means that there were two cats in the mummy cats womb that merged together in the early stages of fertilization.

it’s actually called a chimera and is when 2 eggs fuse and 2 sperm fuse and then fertilise eachother to create an organism with 2 seperate sets of traits but we can make stuff up i guess

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This fucking language I swear to God

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He sounds better than Lorde tho

I was not at all prepared.

I wasn’t ready.

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